DIY Bunny Cupcake Toppers

Easter is coming – the season of chocolate and lovely sweet treats! So this month I thought it would be fun to share a little cupcake topper DIY.

This one is so easy you’ll almost be able to do it in your sleep!


What you’ll need

Bunny cupcake topper printable


PVA or Prit-stik Glue

Cocktail sticks


  1. Print out the template, and cut around the edges

Bunny rabbit cupcake topper DIY 1 - cutting

  1. It’s easier if you keep the front and back sides joined, but it’s no biggie if your finger slips and you cut through.

Bunny rabbit cupcake topper DIY 2 - shapes

  1. Put glue on the inside of the paper. I used PVA as I couldn’t find my prit stik for love nor money (I really need to sort out my kitchen cupboards!) but either will work just as well.

Bunny rabbit cupcake topper DIY 3 - gluing

  1. Place the cocktail stick in the middle and stick the two sides together.

Bunny rabbit cupcake topper DIY 4 - pressing


Wait for the glue is dry – and pop them in your cupcakes, ready to impress your guests!

Bunny rabbit cupcake topper DIY 0 - header

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