DIY Jewellery Project: Cute Halloween Bone Earrings

Well hello there! We’re officially in autumn now, which is always an exciting moment. Crisp mornings, snuggling under a blanket on the sofa, and tights. I just love tights. I also love any opportunity to get dressed up and have a bit of fun, so am a big fan of Halloween!

So today I wanted to do a quick little Halloween jewellery DIY, where you can make a cute pair of bone earrings!


You’ll need:

Bone earrings.pdf


Printable Shrink Plastic

Scissors / or cutting board & craft knife

Hole punch


Jump rings

Jewellery pliers

Fishhook earring pair


Pre-heat your oven to 350 F / 160 C.

Start off by printing the PDF onto the sheet on your home printer. You’ll notice it comes out ENOURMOUS, and super pale. But the miracle of shrink plastic means it’ll darken and get smaller once it’s baked.

Cut around the shape with a pair of scissors, keeping as close to the edge as possible.

Halloween DIY Bone Earrings - cutting


Punch a hole in one end of each of the bones using a hole puncher. Mine didn’t come out perfectly straight but hey! It’s all part of the charm 😜

Halloween DIY Bone Earrings


Cut out a square of baking parchment, put it on a baking tray, making sure that it’s small enough to sit flat. Place your bones on top.

Halloween DIY Bone Earrings


Cover loosely with another bigger sheet of baking parchment (this seems to stop it from curling too much), and bake for 3 minutes (or however long your shrink packaging tells you).

If it does curl in the oven then no fear! Just grab something flat and squish it down. As long as you get to it before it cools you’ll be golden.

Grab a small jump ring, and hook a fishhook earring post around it, then thread it through one of the holes in your earring.

Halloween DIY Bone Earrings


And there you have it! A super-cute pair of earrings for Halloween.

Halloween DIY Bone Earrings

Happy crafting! 💖



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