Instagram Crush: Bryony Fripp

I met Bryony Fripp (@bryonyf) through our local Etsy team last year and fell completely in love with her work at first sight. Pastels + dogs + illustration = dreamy!

So I’m really excited to have a chat with the lovely Bryony about her art, inspirations and Instagram!

Hi Bryony! Tell me a bit about yourself

Hi! I am freelance illustrator living in lovely South London and I have been freelancing full time for 5 years now. I work from a cute little office at home and spend most of my time illustrating greetings cards for high street shops and books, as well as running my online shop full of personalised illustrated prints. I am dog obsessed, as you can tell from my work, and I’m currently on the hunt for my very own miniature sausage dog!


How did you get started drawing?

When I was a kid I was always drawing Disney characters, it was my favourite thing to do! Then throughout school all I wanted to do was the art classes, which lead me to do an art foundation year before studying illustration at Bournemouth. In my head there was no other path to take for me.

One of the most wonderful moments of my career was to draw a Mickey & Minnie mouse card collection which had to be approved by Disney. If only I could have told the 5 year old me that!


When did you realise you wanted to illustrate professionally? Has your style changed over time?

As I mentioned above I always knew that’s what I wanted to do, it was just a matter of how. The biggest challenge as an artist is finding your style and I remember at uni it was constantly on my mind and felt if it didn’t happen in those 3 years I had failed.

I definitely found aspects of my style in my 3rd year but it really came about 2 years after graduating. But as an artist you constantly evolve, which in turn will always alter your style slightly. The biggest thing I’ve learnt is that you can’t force it to happen, but with lots of experimenting and practice I promise you will find your own style.

What do you do to get into ‘creative’ mode?

I love to run in the morning, running clears my head and that’s when a lot of my ideas come to light. I love to scroll through Pinterest before going to bed to fill my head with beautiful visuals, I find it so therapeutic.


What advice would you give to aspiring illustrators, creatives and designer-makers?

Be positive, determined, and believe in yourself – as if you don’t who will? The moment I was ready to give up is when my big break came with a wonderful card publishers. Being a freelance illustrator isn’t easy but I do believe if you have the talent and put everything you have (and more) into it, it’ll happen.

Also, you can’t let knock backs upset you – they can hurt but you have to grow thick skin and pick yourself back up again as nobody is ever going to be everyone’s cup of tea.


What’s the best and the hardest part of being an illustrator?

The best part is being able to draw every day for a living, which an absolute childhood dream come true. The hardest thing for me is managing to juggle the actual job with all of the admin and demands of running your own company. I am constantly learning about business techniques. It can become very overwhelming but keeping calm is the key!

Who are your Instagram crushes?















Where would you like to go next?

This year I want to tick off some of my big brand wish list, such as Anthropology, Liberty, JOY and many, many more!


Thank you so much for the fab answers Bryony! You can check out Bryony’s work on her website and Etsy



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