Introducing… A/W17: Cats & magic


It might be the height of summer but I’m already thinking ahead to autumn – probably because the British ‘summer’ has been especially dreadful this year!

When I was thinking about what I wanted to do for autumn/winter this year, I was inspired by the thought of dark cosy nights by a roaring fire (a purely imaginary one in my case, as I don’t have a fireplace, and the police don’t generally look kindly on people starting impromptu fires in the middle of SW11). But that’s all an aside!

Winter is a physically dark time, but there’s something very special about it – being able to hunker down and just be peaceful. And eat loads of chocolate to ward off the cold and miserable weather!

So this season I wanted to go a little darker – a little, dare I say it, spookier! When I look back on my designs since I started Glitter Punk, and particular in the past year, my interests and style have changed so enormously. I wanted to bring some more illustrated style into this new collection – in particular my ongoing love affair with sleeping cats.

So I’m delighted to introduce my latest collection for A/W17 – Cats & Magic.


Sleeping Cat Statement Necklace £49

Sleeping cat statement necklace

Galaxy Cat Necklace £19

Galaxy Cat Necklace

Tarot Cards Necklace £27

Tarot Card Necklace

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Necklace £19

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Necklace

Magic Wand Necklace £29

Magic wand necklace

Sun Tarot Card Necklace £19

The Sun Tarot Card Necklace

Magic Potions Statement Necklace £45

Magic Potions Statement necklace

Moon Tarot Card Necklace £19

The Moon Tarot Card Necklace

Jar of Stars Necklace £19

Jar of Stars Necklace

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