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Hello there, and welcome! Thanks for your interest in Glitter Punk.

Brand profile

Glitter Punk is a London-based boutique that makes fun acrylic jewellery.

Independent, bolshy and colourful, Glitter Punk is inspired by pop culture, bright colours, glitter, rainbows and unicorns. We believe that jewellery should be fun, accessible and attention grabbing – our jewellery is not for wallflowers!

We live to make our customers happy – and we are incredibly proud of our loyal and passionate tribe of supporters.


About the designer

Glitter Punk is a one-woman show, created and directed by Sarah Glitter. Sarah is a self-taught designer-maker who launched Glitter Punk in late 2015, inspired by a love of statement jewellery. With a background in graphic design, her pieces are bright, bold and made for maximum impact.


Glitter Punk Pieces

Glitter Punk Pieces

Sample interview

What inspired you to start Glitter Punk?

My background is in graphic design, and I have always enjoyed producing illustrations – mostly just for my own amusement. I have loved statement jewellery for years, although I have often struggled to find truly unique pieces. One day I was working on an illustration of some interlocking pink elephants and I was struck with the inspiration that it would make a phenomenal piece of jewellery. And from there the first seeds of Glitter Punk were born!

How do you develop new piece?

It always starts with an idea, which can come from anywhere – from spotting a deer on the train to an exhibition on 17th Century Japanese art in the V&A. I’ll put together a mood and inspiration board on the concept, which captures the look and feel that I’d like the final piece to have. After multiple sketch versions I will transfer to the computer to create the final piece, ready to be produced.

What have been your personal highlights?

The reactions of my customers have just been so overwhelming! I feel really honoured to be the source of so much excitement and inspiration. I just love seeing my customers all dressed up and looking glam in their Glitter Punk piece.

What inspires you?

If I ever need inspiration I love walking around Shoreditch and Brick Lane or visiting exhibitions in London. I’m a very visual person, and I have a particular passion for photography – so I’m also a bit obsessed with Instagram. Scrolling through the work of some of the amazing artists and creatives around the world always provides me with plenty of inspiration!

What advice would you give to designer-makers who are just starting their creative journey?

I would say be bold – and do it. Some things really can’t be planned and the only way to learn is by doing it, making mistakes, learning from them, and doing it better. You need to have an unreal belief in yourself and your work – and be prepared to work very, very hard. But there is nothing more thrilling than seeing something you have dreamed up and created become real. It’s addictive!

Where do you plan to take the brand next?

I have lots of plans for the rest of the year, and I will be introducing several more collections. At the moment I’m particularly interested in mirrored and pearlescent acrylic, pastel colours – and it goes without saying that there’s going to be a lot more glitter!



Sarah Glitter