Glitter Punk is run by Sarah, an illustrator and pin-maker based in London, UK.

“The body of my work focuses on animals (with other elements of witchy-ness, feminism and the odd pun thrown in for good measure!) I often like to play with the concept of opposites – day and night, black and white, and animals adorned with flowers.

People buy my accessories for so many reasons - whether to add to a pin collection, as a reminder of a pet, or as a gift for friends or family. I hear my customers say again and again how thrilled they are with their pieces; using them either as a fun way to express themselves or to show their affection to a loved one.”


Some recent reviews:

“Bought this for my sister-in-law, when she saw the pin she was over the moon. Gorgeous.”

“These are so well made and the colors are perfect. They are some of my favourites in my collection, they are currently on one of my bags and they look great!”

“I absolutely adore this pin! Such an adorable, comforting design, as well as being amazing quality. This was a present for my sweetheart and she loved it, too! <3”