FAQs & Jewellery Care

How do you make your jewellery?

I do my own laser cutting on a very sturdy machine I have christened Bethan (it seemed appropriate!) apart from a couple of pieces I get made externally due to a process which I can’t do myself.

Where are you based?

I live in Battersea in south London, but ship worldwide! Score!

Can I order a custom piece?

Unfortunately I don't offer custom products or offer designs for sale.

Can I feature you or your images in my magazine/blog/on social media?

Sure – but do send me an email first on press@glitterpunk.co.uk! If you’re working with an online or print publication and are after high-quality images just get in touch.

I have a really cool idea for a collaboration – is this the sort of thing you’d be interested in?

I love working with other designer-makers and indie businesses – so if there is an interesting project you have in mind, email me on hello@glitterpunk.co.uk.

Can I change my delivery address once I’ve ordered?

I’m happy to change the delivery address until it’s been shipped. Keep in mind I only send the shipping email after your parcel is safely in the hands of Royal Mail, so even if you haven’t had confirmation yet it might already be on its way to you!

So if you’d like to change your address send me an email ASAP on hello@glitterpunk.co.uk. I’m very quick at replying (confirmed iPhone addict!)

Can I add an extra item and get it shipped out in the same package?

Same as above – as long as it hasn’t been shipped I’m happy to add extra items and send it out in the same box to keep your postage costs down. Just get in touch at hello@glitterpunk.co.uk.

Jewellery Care

Once you’ve got your jewellery (yay!) here’s a couple of tips & tricks to keep it looking at its best:

  • Store it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight – ideally in its box. If you’re travelling then always put it in its box and not in your bag or in the bottom of your suitcase.
  • Perfume can damage metal and can also fracture mirrored acrylic – so if you’re going to spray, do it before you put your Glitter Punk piece on, and make sure it’s fully dried!
  • Wooden items will warp if they get too wet – light showers will be OK, but crack out the umbrella for heavy rain. And no taking them into the bath with you!
  • Wood is a soft material so can get dented or break if you store it with heavy items, or if you leave it at the bottom of a box of jewellery.
  • Clean acrylic with a soft cloth like the ones that come with glasses or screen cleaners. Cloths used for cleaning kitchens or bathrooms are abrasive and will leave little scratch marks!

What if my jewellery or pins break or get damaged?

I use only the highest quality acrylics and findings to make Glitter Punk Jewellery, but occasionally breakage can happen.

If your items are damaged then wing me an email on hello@glitterpunk.co.uk, letting me know what has happened along with a picture. I will happily replace or repair any broken item within six months of purchase (as long as the fault is within the piece), and will do repair work needed outside this time for a small fee.