Art Nouveau Cats Kickstarter

So I am really excited to announce that I’ll be running my second ever Kickstarter campaign soon!!

My initial goal is for £2,000 to fund the first 3 pins – Poppy, Lily and Flag. The more raised, the more pins will go into production!

Check out the pre-launch page at:

This is an all-or-nothing campaign, so you won’t be charged right until the end of the campaign.

Early bird prices will be available for the first 24 hours – tiers are available for all of the designs so pledge straight away to get the best deal, and increase the chance of all the pins getting unlocked!

I thought it would be fun to share a little work in progress ahead of the Rainbow Nouveau Cats!

I knew I wanted to do a trio of cats as one of the designs, decorated with sun, moon and stars, but wasn’t sure what direction to take.

After creating the bodies I started to play around with a few different ideas. I really liked the diamond shape on the right, which felt like it fit in with the vibe of the others. However this particular design looked slightly… anatomical to me 😂 😂 😂

I continued down the diamond shaped-path, and tried a variety of decorative elements.

I was very tempted to go with bottom left, but decided it looked a bit too dark and didn’t stand out enough compared with the others.

I did really like the rainbow, so ended up combining the bottom left 2 into a single design!

I hope you enjoyed this little WIP!

Please do follow the pre-launch page for updates on when we go live!