Cosmic Cats Kickstarter

I’m very excited to say my new Kickstarter Cosmic Cats will be launching on 21 June!

I’m aiming to raise £2,000 to fund 3 pins – Space Portal, Milky Way and Comet Cats. The rest will be available as stretch goals, and everybody who pledges for at least 3 pins will get a free Starburst Cat!

You can check out the pre-launch page and sign up to be notified on launch at:

This is an all-or-nothing campaign, so you won’t be charged right until the end of the campaign.

Early bird prices will be available for the first 24 hours – tiers are available for all of the designs so pledge straight away to get the best deal, and increase the chance of all the pins getting unlocked!

I drafted close to 150 versions as I was making these 8 designs which may be a record even for me!

So I thought it would be cool to share a special work in progress for the Supernova design. I knew I wanted the Supernova to be a fluffy cat – it seems to fit in with the theme!

For my initial design work I thought ‘a supernova is a space explosion so I need a cat with an explosion happening around it!’

So I started experimenting with the idea, and also with clouds of smoke. I even tried a bit of green!

Then I added colours – it all made sense in my mind at the time!! 😂

But I did realise at this point that this didn’t really have anything to do with space or supernovas any more, so started trying to make it more space-y.

I liked where the design was going, but a good pin design needs to make sense from 3 feet away, the this one was sort of melding together at a distance with all the black.

I tried adding colours and different shapes but felt further away from my original vision than ever.

One of the most frustrating things is having an idea you know could be amazing, but having the execution fall down.

So I decided to let this one rest for a while.

When I came back to it I realised all it needed was a bit of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) and that by ditching the extra detail whilst emphasising the red & orange colours it could work!

And here is the final version! I’m so pleased I persevered with this design because it’s actually one of my favs and despite the detour the final version has the exact glittery vibes I wanted in my original concept!

I’ll be launching the Kickstarter on Friday 21 June – you can sign up to the pre-launch page to be notified, and I’ll also be posting across social media & email too

Hopefully see you there!!